Deaconess Ministry


The mission of the Deaconess Ministry of Kayne Avenue Missionary Baptist Church is to assist the Pastor by working with the Deacons in ministering to the needs of the overall congregation - specifically to women, children, elderly, and those in distress - with loving kindness and sympathy.

We, as part of the Kayne Avenue Missionary Baptist Church community, are focused on our commitment to serving God, and all mankind, as the Holy Spirit directs.

Goals & Objectives

  • To minister to females, children, and those in distress
  • To visit and commune the sick and help as needed
  • To prepare female candidates for baptism
  • To participate in church ministries
  • To diligently study God’s Word

Ministry Members

Chair - Deaconess Shirley Trotter

Deaconess Elizabeth Jones

Deaconess Deloris Boatright

Deaconess Melba Corely

Deaconess Phyllis Booker

Deaconess Dytrina Thurmond

Deaconess Carole Reed

Deaconess Kay Burney

Deaconess Augusta Kilcrease

Deaconess Mary Lee

Deaconess Gail Nickens

Deaconess Cassandra Parks